ML4Good was started as a project of EffiSciences in France in 2022. EffiSciences’ AI division has since evolved into the Center for AI Security (CeSIA), specialising in research and education.

ML4Good has become a growing international network, with bootcamps being run in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and Brasil—with more on the way.

The ML4Good Network

ML4G is a growing network of bootcamps organised by proactive individuals from different countries. At present these programs are run by separate teams and organisations based on the original vision. We share our curriculum and pool some resources for efficiency (such as this website). We also host a joint discord for the alumni of all bootcamps.

Why AI Safety?

By “AI Safety” we mean ensuring that AI doesn’t lead to negative outcomes for or the premature disempowerment of humanity. In a recent open letter signed by many deep learning pioneers, it is stated that “mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.” Avoiding these bad outcomes is a challenge that has to be tackled on a societal level. In this camp, we will focus on technical approaches to building safer AI systems, for example by making their internal processes more interpretable.

Our Approach

We aim to:
- Fast track participants' deep learning skills
- Delve into conceptual AI Safety topics
- Facilitate meaningful, useful and fun conversations amongst fellow participants and knowledgeable teachers
- Encourage participants to take initiative in starting projects and local reading groups
- Work with participants to create a career plan and clear next steps
- Provide ongoing support and community after the camp

There is only so much technical material that you can learn in 10 days; we hope to motivate you, create community and connections, make a solid plan for next steps, and increase your confidence that you are able to meaningfully contribute to AI Safety technical research. 

ML4Good aims to be a relatively low-cost, trajectory-changing bootcamp for participants. Camps are often run by previous participants, creating a strong sense of a community-driven mission. Embracing this grassroots spirit, we encourage participants to shape their own careers, initiate new projects, and perhaps even help run an ML4Good in their country.

Lasting Impact

Our commitment extends beyond the camp:
1. Follow-Ups:
We ensure continuity and progress through ongoing engagement.
2. Accountability: Participants are encouraged to be accountable for their growth and contributions.
3. Reading Groups and Community:
Foster a sense of community and learning through ongoing reading and research engineering groups.
4. Outreach
: Encouraging and providing the resources for participants to run reading groups and outreach in their local area.

Get Involved

Whether you're an experienced professional or a newcomer to AI, there are multiple ways to engage with ML4Good:
1. Teaching Assistant (TA):
Contribute as a TA to support fellow participants.
2. Start a Reading Group:
Start a reading group in your local area to delve deeper into AI Safety topics.
3. Attend a Bootcamp:
Apply to attend a bootcamp

ML4Good UK is a project of Dandelion Labs Limited, registered company number 15276004.

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